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​​​​​Fisheries Industry comprises of 3 sector such as: Capture Fisheries Sector, Aquaclture Sector and Seafood Processing Sector, which contributed to the annual industry value of at least B$200 million per year to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2003. The capture fisheries sector estimated to contribute at least B$112 million, aquaculture sector B$71 million and seafood processing sector of at least B$17 million.

To achieve the target value of industry, vrious programmes have been implemented and to be implemented such as:

1. Capture Fisheries
​1.1. Trawler Zone 2 and Zone 3
1.1.1. ‘Kapal Angkat’ Project;
1.1.2. Mobile Technical Unit;
1.1.3. Joint Venture;
1.1.4. Carrier Boat

1.2. Purse Seiners Zone 2 and Zone 3
1.3. Tuna Long Line Zone 2 and Zone 3
1.4. Untrawlable fishing ground (coral reefs/artificial reefs)

2. Aquaculture
2.1. Commercial production of Udang Rostris
2.1.1. Mobile Technical Unit
2.1.2. Pengusaha Angkat

2.2. Production of Marine Fishes;
2.3. Production of Freshwater fish and Ornamental fishes;
2.4. Off-shore cages industry;
2.5. Commercial Production of Betta macrostoma (Brunei Beauty)

3. Seafood Processing
3.1. Institute Purchase of Frozen Peeled Shrimp;
3.2. Purchase of Commercial Sized Shrimp Peeling Machine;
3.3. Develop Seafood Processing and Distribution Center;
3.4. Building of 4 units of Processing Plants for small-scale Processing Plants;
3.5. Fish Inspection and Quality Control;
3.6. Export Market Promotion for Seafood Products.